Service Charge and Insurance Recovery


PCA help tenants recover and resolve over-charging of commercial service and insurance made by landlords and agents.

PCA work with trading companies located in office blocks, business parks, industrial estates, shopping centres and high streets that rent commercial property from landlords and incur commercial service charges as part of their lease agreement.

Commercial service charges are made by landlords to tenants to recover the cost of maintaining and repairing buildings and commercial properties.

These costs and service charges include property insurance, repairs, maintenance, cleaning, waste collection, security, heating, lighting, air conditioning and ventilation as well as the staff costs to provide such services.

There is a voluntary agreement between the parties representing landlords and tenants called the Code for Leasing Business Premises in England and Wales that ensures fair commercial services are provided for a fair commercial price.

Since many tenants are sharing premises with other tenants, landlords sometimes make it difficult for tenants to discover what is and isn’t included in their service charges.

Rates Revaluation April 2017

Appoint a rates expert to get help with the complex new 2017 Rates Revaluation forms, apply for business rates relief or make an appeal. Additionally we can help you with the impact of Rates Revaluation will have on your business finances.

Chartered Surveyors, such as PCA, specialise in commercial service and insurance overcharging and PCA can help tenants recover and resolve over-charging or solve disputes.

  1. Correct Amount Paid
  2. Verification of balancing charges
  3. Budget Review
  4. Reconciliation Review
  5. Lease reconciliation
  6. RICS Guidelines

Contact PCA and provide us with your property details and, in addition to reviewing your business rates, we shall audit and aim to recover possible service charges and insurance on a NO WIN NO FEE basis.

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