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No property is too big or too small to recover costs from.

Our aim is to provide a ‘bespoke’ review of property-related matters internal teams do not have time to cover. Our process is not intended, specifically, to highlight errors made by property / accounts departments, but by others—such as councils, landlords, insurers etc.

Rates Revaluations

Inject cash back into your business by appointing a rates expert to assist with the new 2017 Business Rateable Values.

Rates Relief

Business rates relief and exemptions for organisations and companies in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Corporate Recovery

PCA, on behalf of IP’s, negotiate with property landlords to reduce rent liability to help with the sale of an insolvent business.

Business rates, or non-domestic rates, are a tax on businesses and organisations that uses commercial property such as shops, offices, factories, warehouses, restaurants, bars or holiday rental homes.

Business rates are statutory taxes issued by central government in Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland on those who use commercial property and the rates are collected by the local council in each country.

Of the business rates collected by local councils, 45% of the money is retained by the local authority, and along with council tax, is used to pay for the services the local authority or council pay for such as street lighting, roads, policing etc.

The responsibility to pay business rates lies with the occupier of the commercial property such as an owner-occupier, lease holder or subtenant.

Business rates are set by the VOA (the Valuation Office Agency) in England and Wales, the Assessors Office in Scotland and the RCA in Northern Ireland.

These rateable values are used by local councils to set the business rates for commercial properties in their area.

Generally speaking, farm buildings, farm land, fish farms, places of worship and buildings used for training or disabled people are exempt from business property rates.

PCA provide NO RECOVERY NO FEE business rates recovery services.

1. Business Rates Audit Recovery - Reliefs and Exemptions

We help ratepayers rescue and recover overpaid business rates by seeking out rates relief and exemptions that may not have been applied to their properties.

2. Business Rates Re-evaluations & Appeals

The governments in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales will adjust or revaluate the business rates in April 2017 to reflect changes in the property market.

All properties will be given a new rateable value (or poundage in Scotland) that could mean the rates you pay could change.

As a property owner or ratepayer you need to be prepared for this effect on your business and your outgoing expenditure.

Hire PCA as a rating specialist to get help completing the new rates revaluation forms and apply for the appropriate rates relief or help us make an appeal against the rates applied to your properties.