Rates Relief

Recover overpaid business rates. No Win, No Fee

Rates Relief

Corporate Recovery

Corporate Recovery Services for Insolvency Practitioners

Corporate Recovery

PCA : Property Cost Audit and Business Rates Experts

Property Cost Audit (PCA) work with business owners, property tenants and insolvency practitioners to rescue and recover overpaid business rates, property rent, service charges and insurance going back 6 years on a NO WIN NO FEE basis.

Hiring an outside consultant such as PCA to conduct a property cost audit is an excellent way to locate and stop cash leakage.

As external property cost consultants PCA can dig deeper into costs and relationships than internal staff who may have relationships with suppliers they don’t wish to upset.

Property Auditing Services from PCA

Rates Revaluations

Inject cash back into your business by appointing a rates expert to assist with the new 2017 Business Rateable Values.

Rates Relief

Business rates relief and exemptions for organisations and companies in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Corporate Recovery

PCA, on behalf of IP’s, negotiate with property landlords to reduce rent liability to help with the sale of an insolvent business.

There’s essentially no cost involved as our fees are paid for by cash recovered and you gain valuable advice on stopping cash leakage in the future.

As Surveyors and Property Experts we are highly trained and experienced professionals. PCA offer impartial, specialist advice on a variety of property related issues such as business rates values, business rates relief, property rent, service costs and insurance charges.

Commercial Property Costs Associated with Running a Business

Property costs represent a significant overhead when running a business. After staff costs, commercial property costs represent the second biggest business expense in an organisation. Most businesses rent or lease commercial property space that incur some of the following business expenses.

  • Business rates
  • Business lease or rent costs
  • Running costs, water, electricity, heating, cleaning, security, air conditioning, ventilation
  • Local charges for waste, parking
  • Insurance, maintenance, repairs
  • Costs associated with health and safety regulations 

PCA are Surveyors & Property Professionals with experience in asset management, acquisitions, disposals, rent reviews and specialist knowledge in rating revaluations.

For the past 15 years PCA have been heavily involved in the property recovery audit market in the retail sector initially and, since 2008, within the insolvency market; working alongside UK insolvency practitioners to secure property audits and property cost reductions.

We work with business owners, organisations, tenants and IP’s across Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

PCA have established relationships with local authorities in all 4 UK countries as our clients tend to have properties in most of these 4 countries.

Our staff are members of professional bodies such as R3 and are fully regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Property Costs and Insolvent or Distressed Businesses

Working with Insolvency Practitioners and underperforming & financially distressed businesses, we are able to identify, rescue and recover overpaid property costs that can help pay back creditors, reduce a distressed business’s operating overheads that help turnaround or sell the business.

Aim of a Property Cost Audit

The aim of a property cost audit is to establish what the client has been contracted to pay within their property portfolio and to ensure that this corresponds with what they do actually pay for.

PCA Property Cost Audit Services

No business property is too big or too small to recover costs from.

Whether you have 1 or 1000 business properties, our aim is to provide a ‘bespoke’ review of property related matters that internal teams do not have time to cover.

Our process is not intended, specifically, to highlight errors made by property or accounts departments, but by others such as councils, landlords, insurers etc.

We use a simple 4 stage process:

Data Collection - Data Review - Validation/Recovery - Review

1. Our audit team collate the required information and review files.

2. Further work is undertaken at our offices to identify potential claims.

3. We present claims for your approval and manage the recovery process from start to finish, including regular processes and review.

We handle the submission of claims and subsequent discussions with local authorities/managing agents to validate and recover sums due.

4. Project reviews including process improvement recommendations. We seek feedback on the service provided and project closure, including statistical summary reporting. At this stage many clients seek ongoing support.

We work with historic data initially going back over usually a 36-month period (this can be extended depending on level of recoveries obtained). Fees are normally charged on a performance related basis with the client only paying when they have received the recoveries.

No Win — No Fee.